Garage Demolition – How To Demolish a Garage

It can be intimidating when considering a larger demolish project such as a garage demolition. It should not be a scary ordeal. By following simple steps, you can learn garage demolition work without needing large and expensive machinery. We will discuss in this article about the step by step procedure to demolish a garage.

8 Steps To Demolish a Garage

A garage demolition can be done by following some simple steps. In this article, the complete garage demolition works are divided into 8 steps. Each steps are discussed in brief. You can also read our article on Garage foundation construction.

Step 1: Get the Permits

It is the first step of garage demolition work. Be sure to obtain any necessary permits that your city or county may require prior to starting the demolition process.

Step 2: Rent a Commercial Dumpster

Large commercial dumpsters can be rented for a fee and delivered to the area where the garage is going to be demolished. Be sure to measure before ordering the dumpster so you have plenty of room on the property or curbside for it to sit while you complete the demolition.

commercial dumpster for garage demolition
commercial dumpster for garage demolition

Step 3: Turn Off the Electric

Most garages have water, gas and electric lines that run to them. Be sure to turn off the breakers to these utilities and also pull the switches out of the box to keep someone from inadvertently flip them on.

Step 4: Scavenge for Reusable Items

There are always items that can be reused. Take them out for future use. These can include fixtures, outlets, trim, windows and doors, and any plumbing accessories. Also dismantle all installed mechanisms such as garage door openers.

Step 5: Remove the Roof

Climb up on the roof and starting at the peak start prying off the roofing materials. You will need to use a pry bar and hammer. Work your way downward from the peak until only the shell or frame remains.

Step 6: Cut the Roof Frame

A circular saw is probably the best tool to use. Be sure to start at the peak of the roof and then cut the frame of the roof into pieces to dismantle it. If there is no one working on the inside of the garage, let the cut pieces fall to the floor below.

Step 7: Down with the Walls

To pull down the walls, use a claw hammer at the top edge of the wall board, work it free by pulling hard. You will need to stand on a ladder to reach the top of the wall. Be sure to remove the nails as you go and then put the siding in a pile. Once the siding is removed, saw the framing out using the circular saw.

Step 8: Sort and Throw Away

Now, the demolition of the garage is almost completed. Once the walls are gone and the frame cut up, pick through and salvage the materials that can be reused or recycled. Items that are being recycled can be set aside for pick-up or be stored by you if you are going to reuse the materials for a different project. Everything else can be put in the dumpster for removal.

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