Travertine vs Porcelain Tile – Differences Shown In a Comparison Table

Travertine vs porcelain tile

In the debate of travertine vs porcelain tile they both add a unique brand of beauty to your rooms, bathrooms, kitchen or entrance ways. However, they also have key differences. A porcelain tile is manmade while travertine is a product made of natural stone.

porcelain tiles
porcelain tiles
travertine tiles

Difference between travertine and porcelain

If you need more information here’s a research on travertine vs porcelain tile outlining their key aspects.


Porcelain Tile

  • As travertine is a natural stone product they have to be quarried. Therefore it is more expensive than porcelain tiles.
  • Since porcelain tiles are man-made they can be customized to evoke unique beauty and charm to your spaces. Comparative to travertine it is less expensive.
  • Travertine has been used for many centuries as it is a natural product. It can be obtained in two basic models which are natural and honed. Honed travertine is typically used for kitchen and bathrooms due to its smooth sheen. Natural travertine arrives in its raw form reflecting an antique surface texture. Like porcelain travertine can be obtained in different sizes and shapes. Colors typically range between gold, beige to reddish tones and is mostly dominated by the iron content.
  • Porcelain tiles can be obtained in different shapes and sizes. Porcelain tiles can be designed with customized styles, patterns and colors. Porcelain tile is easier to cut and shape making it a better option for intricate tiling projects. Compared to antique look of travertine porcelain tiles feature a more modernistic look.
  • Travertine is limestone based and comparatively porous. As a result it is more susceptible to staining. Thus it needs more maintenance and care than porcelain tiles. It is also reactive against acids and therefore not ideally suited for kitchens and bathrooms. Maintenance is a simplified process of applying a coat of sealant every year, an exercise that takes no more than an hour or two.
  • Porcelain tiles are more water, stain and acid resistant and can be used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The tile is more resistant in attracting ground-in dirt due to the chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

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