Concrete Stain vs Paint | What is The Difference Between Concrete Staining and Painting

What is Concrete stain and paint

Paint is a substance used solely for decoration. It is spread over the surface to be decorated and then dries out to become a thin layer of protective coating.

concrete painting and concrete staining differences

Concrete stain is basically staining over concrete to give it different colors which will provide it a beautiful look. Concrete stain vs paint details out the painting and staining functions used on concrete.

concrete staining and painting coparison

Difference between concrete stain and paint

We will take a look at the differences between concrete stain and paint with the help of the following table:

Concrete stain


  • The first and foremost difference is that concrete stain is thinner.
  • Paint is slightly thicker. This difference can be clearly observed when you open the covers of the respective cans. A close look at both the products will reveal their physical quality.
  • On application of concrete stain, one can observe that it tends to soak on to the surface.
  • In contrast, paint tends to sit on the surface. It acts like a decorating surface and also acts as a protective covering. It spreads over the surface of the object.
  • It is less expensive in terms of gallon calculation.
  • It is more expensive in gallons.
  • It has no fixed color uniformity and the range of colors is very less.
  • It has color uniformity throughout with varying range of colors.
  • It is easy to apply and can be recoated very easily.
  • It is difficult to apply and recoat. Requires a lot of training before applying on surfaces.
  • Surface preparation is minimal. Primers are not required for the application of concrete stain.
  • Surface preparation is very important. The surface has to be coated with primer before the application of paint.
  • Stains are mostly used for application on wooden surfaces. It brings out the perfect grace of the wooden surfaces and makes them look elegant.
  • Concrete paint is mostly used for application on the concrete surfaces.
  • They are resistant to cracks and durable.
  • They are not resistant to cracks and do not have durability.
  • Maintenance is very easy.
  • Maintenance is very difficult and spend worthy.

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