Tiles vs Laminate – What’s The Difference Between Tiles and Laminate Flooring?

Tile vs Laminate

A ceramic tile is made through a process of heating and cooling of natural clay, minerals or stone. These flat and rectangular blocks provide the desired aesthetic look, feel and finish.

ceramic tiles
ceramic tiles

Laminate flooring sometimes referred to as floating wood tiles consists of multi-layered synthetic flooring which is fused together using a process of lamination. A laminate floor often simulates a wood or stone finish. To have a beautiful and functional floor you need to review all options.

laminate flooring
laminate floor

Difference Between Tiles and Laminate Flooring

Here’s a small comparison on tile vs laminate to help you distinguish important characteristics of both flooring options.



  • A tile consists of a manufactured block of hard-wearing material including metal, ceramic, stone or glass.
  • Laminates are multi layered synthetic material consisting of a photographic appliqué topped by a clear protective layer.
  • Tiles have a distinct quality of luxury and elegance. The glazed look may damage with rough use or scratching from grit and dirt.
  • Laminate is a good alternative for those seeking wood floor finishes but do not have the budget for genuine wood flooring. Laminate can duplicate the finish of hardwood through a detailed digital photography process. Laminate do not fade and can be used on patios and places with direct sun exposure.
  • Tile installation is done using a cement mixture spread on concrete sub-floors. For complete sealing the tiles should be grouted in between. The cost of installation of tiles is comparatively high. However, a properly installed ceramic floor has maximum durability outlasting nearly all other alternatives.
  • Laminate is more stain, moisture and scratch resistant due to its durable wear surface. Laminate is also a low cost alternative compared to tile due to its ease of installation, higher durability and hygienic nature
  • As ceramic tiles are made of natural elements they do not retain allergens, bacteria and odors.
  • Laminate has effective noise reduction properties. However, they are not as suitable for wet area use as tiles due to lower water resistance.

Key factors like durability ease of installation, maintenance and budget plays an important role in your decision regarding tile vs laminate.

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