How Building Construction Process Works

In this article, i will discuss on how building construction process actually works in the real world. So many construction projects are seen around us under different construction companies and contractors. The construction work that we see around us are only a part of the total procedure. The step by step work involved in building construction process is discussed in brief.

Steps of Building Construction Process

Building construction is a systemic work by work process. The followings are the steps of construction process.

Preliminary Investigation

Preliminary investigation will be made and preliminary estimate will be prepared together with sketch plans by a construction professional like those at Tony’s Roofing Services LLC.

Administrative Approval

Administrative approval of the department concerned will then be obtained.

Land Acquisition

At this stage of building construction process, land acquisition proceeding will be started.

Detailed Survey

Detailed survey will be made as required depending on the nature of the project and survey plans will be prepared.

Design and Drawings

Design, drawings, plans, elevations, sections etc will then be prepared.

Detailed Estimate

Detailed estimate of all works complete with abstract, general abstract, report, return design, calculations, detailed specification etc. For big project sheds for store, temporary accommodation for office, staff quarters, hutments for labor, sanitation, water supply, approach roads etc will be included in the estimate. The maintenance of the temporary accommodations will also be included in the estimate. Provisions for labor amenities, medical aid etc will be made.

Allotment of Fund

Allotment of funds or “Expenditure Sanctions” will then be obtained.

Requirement of Materials

Requirement of materials will be worked out and statement of of important materials prepared. Collection of important materials as cement, steel and coal will be started. Collection of other materials also may be started if required for building construction.

Arrangement for Tools and Plants

Arrangement for tools and plants are required will be started. For big building construction projects, heavy machineries and plants are required and their arrangements will made in advance.

Tenders for the Work

Tenders for the construction work will be invited giving wide publicity. On receipt of tenders comparative statement of all tenders will be prepared and then tender will be got accepted by competent authority. Usually the lowest tender is accepted for doing the construction work.

Contract Agreement

Contract agreement or contract bond will then be prepared with all contract document, schedules, specifications, drawings etc.

Execution of Work

In this step of building construction process, the field work starts. The building construction work begins. The execution of work will be supervised, inspected and got done strictly according to the specifications, plans and designs. Progress shall be maintained as per terms of contract. For defective and unsatisfactory works and for slow progress contractor will be served with notices and penalty imposes as per terms of contract or debitable agency employed. For deviation and change which may be required, sanction of the proper authority will be taken. During the execution of tge work detailed working drawings will be prepared as required.

Payment to the Contractors

Payment to the contractors will be made by running account bill from time to time as the work progress, for which actual measurement o work done will be taken and recorded in measurement book properly and also contents calculated and entered in proper columns.

Measurement Check

Engineer-in-charge will check measurements as required by rule and his clerk will check calculations and will prepare bill in proper form and pay orders of S.D.O. obtained in the measurement book and bill. Then payment will be made to contractor after due acknowledgement.

Materials Issue

Materials as per schedule of issue of materials provided in the contract agreement will be issued to the contractor from time to time on indent and cost will be recovered from the first available bill.

Materials at Site

Materials at site account will be maintained for all materials supplied direct to work.

Final Payment

When the whole work is completed satisfactory as per specification and condition within specified time without any defect, the whole work will be inspected thoroughly and on taking actual measurement and preparing bill in proper form.

Advance Payment

Advance payment or “Secured Advance” payment will be made to the contractor if permissible as per rule. But the advance payment shall be adjusted in the first available bill.

Security Money

Contractor’s 5% security money will be refunded on the expiry of a certain period usually 6 months from the date of completion of the construction work or according to the terms of the contract if there is no defect anywhere in the finished work. If during this period any defect develops in the work, the contractor will make good of the defect at his expenses.

The stated steps of building construction process is provided for understanding the functionality of the construction process. It is not necessary that every step should be strictly followed as above. The steps can be modified according to the project type and that’s where engineering and experience come to play.

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