How To Reduce The Cost of Building a House | Some Basic Concepts

Economical design is one of the most desirable factor in residential building planning and design. Civil engineers and architects work hard for making connection between the desires and the costs allowed by the owner of a project. There are some basic concepts that can be used for making a residential building economical under general circumstances. Remind that, every construction project is different and many of the time an engineer have to work with his professional experience & technical skills. But it is always best to know some general considerations for economical design of residential building design for clear concept on this topic. Also you can check the article on how much gravel costs per ton.

Some General Concepts Used For Reducing The Cost of Building a House

Economical design for building a house depends largely on the surrounding factors. But for general concept some techniques that are commonly known are given below.

  • Square shape of structure is advantageous. 15-20% wall is saved in square structure than to a rectangular structure of same area.
  • For 2 storey building, half of the rooms should be at ground floor and another half at the upper floor. Because it is about 25% cheaper to build in the upper floor than to build in the ground floor. Another reason is the rooms in the upper floor get more sunlight and fresh air than to the ground floor.
  • It is economical to make outer walls thicker than to the inner walls.
  • Provide specialized professional workers for specific works.
  • Construction work of residential building should be started in due time without any delay. Delay in starting the construction work will increase the total cost of the project.
  • Do not use unnecessary structural members for beautification in architectural design if economical allowance is not upto the mark.
  • Design should be done by good structural engineers and architects. Though it may cost some extra money for designing with them but sometimes it can reduce overall cost drastically.
  • Building design layout should be such that it would be easy for the contractor and labors to understand and work through the project without any mess.