Pool Demolition – 5 Simple Steps To Demolish A Pool

Swimming pools can add value to a home, however when they fall into disrepair, they become eye sores. If you need a pool demolished do not call costly companies that make their money by over-charging you. It is simple enough to learn how to demolish a pool by following a step-by-step guide.

Decide The Pool Demolition Method You Want To Use

First, you need to decide which type of pool demolition you want to do. There are three different processes for pool demolition as follows:

  1. Complete pool demolition:  If you are planning on building where the pool is currently located, than this is your only option. You must completely demolish the concrete along with the reinforced steel and then back fill the pool with sand and then dirt.
  2. Partial demolition – top layer only:  Only the top tiled layer of the pool walls are removed. Holes are then punched into the bottom and filled with gravels. Once that is done, sand and dirt are added to fill the pool. Growing things in the soil here will be difficult unless a lot of topsoil is added.
  3. Partial demolition – 2 feet deep:  This is the most popular option for pool demolition. Holes are punched into the bottom and then filled with gravel. The top two feel of concrete wall along with the reinforced steel is removed. The pool is then backfilled with sand and dirt.


How To Demolish a Pool (Step by Step)

Here are 5 simple steps to demolish a pool that are described in brief below. You can also read our article on how to excavate swimming pool.

Step 1: Drain the Pool

First step to any pool demolition is to drain the pool if it is not already empty. It is easy to drain a pool by using a submersible pump.

Step 2: Punch Holes

Make sure that you do not need any special permits to demolish the pool. Disconnect any gas lines or electrical wiring. Jack hammer large holes into the bottom of the pool about two feet in radius. A typical pool will need about three to four holes.

Next, fill the holes with gravel about eight inches deep. This will allow for easy drainage. Most people will simply fill the entire bottom of the pool with gravel.

Step 3: Remove the Wall

It is not easy to break pool walls and you may have to bring in a jack hammer to get the job done. The top two feet of concrete and reinforced steel will need to be removed.

Some cities will require that the concrete and steel be hauled away. Check with your city prior to starting this step. If you do not need to haul it away, toss it into the bottom of the pool.

Step 4: Backfill with Sand and Dirt

Fill the pool with sand and dirt. Then compact it down periodically. Do some research on the soil in your area, once you know what soil will work best, you can start adding that soil until it is completely filled and compacted up to grade level.

Step 5: Add Topsoil

Make sure that the last couple of inches of the pool are filled with topsoil. This step is especially important if you are going to landscape or have a garden. The general rule of thumb is for a vegetable garden you need 8-12 inches of topsoil, raised plants need 12-18 inches of topsoil and a lawn only requires 4-6 inches of topsoil.

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