Top 5 Online Civil Engineering Degree

Finding the time to go to school can be a daunting task for some, especially when seeking a civil engineering degree. For many, the solution is an online college or university where they can set their own hours and continue with their busy lifestyle. There are several colleges that offer online degree programs but finding that right college that offers a high level education can be intimidating. We will discuss about the best online civil engineering degree available in the web.

Popoular Online Civil Engineering Degree Programs

Here is a list of the top 5 online civil engineering degrees available.

1. University of North Dakota

The University of North Dakota offers a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering that is completely online so there is flexibility for those who cannot attend traditional classes. There are classes offered in the fall, spring and summer. It will take an estimated six years to complete the program. The program consists of recorded lectures with on-campus labs and has deadlines for lessons and exams. The program is ABET accredited as a distance engineering degree program.

2. Old Dominion University Online

Old Dominion University Online or ODU offers an online, ABET accredited Civil Engineering Technology program. This program is also ETAC accredited. The students will complete core course work and then choose an emphasis in one of three areas: construction management, structural design or site development. Senior year students will complete a practical project assignment within your chosen area. Learning is completed either online synchronous or online asynchronous.

3. University of Illinois

The University of Illinois offers a Master of Science degree in civil engineering. This is one of the top civil engineering universities and offers the entire program online. Students who study online are given access to recorded on-campus lectures and follow the same syllabus as on-campus students. They also complete the same exams and projects. A thesis is not required, but students are expected to choose a specialty area and have five years to complete the program.

4. Norwich University

Norwich University offers a Master of Science degree in civil engineering that has been specifically designed for working professionals. The program is able to be completed in 21 months. Even though it takes a shorter amount of time to complete, the program is still listed as one of the top civil engineering programs.  Students are a part of a virtual classroom that is based on ASCE recommendations. Your technical knowledge is enhanced as are your project and management skills during this program.

5. Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College has an Associate of Science degree in civil engineering technology that has been ranked as a top civil engineering degree. This degree program has been designed to train civil engineering technicians. This is becoming an in-demand career. Technicians are trained to assist civil engineers in planning, designing and constructing buildings and highways. This is a two year degree program and can be completed entirely online. The online program has the same requirements as an on-campus civil engineering technician degree program.

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