Pole Barn Truss: Step by Step Installation Guide

Pole Barn Truss

It’s okay to crave for space, especially if your house is small with a little room to store your properties. You would wish for a pole barn truss. If you had a place for your car, feeds, life stocks, crops, and so on. Wouldn’t it be just great? A garage would have sufficed as a good idea,  except there is no space for that too. In your state of quandary, there is a sudden flash and yes, you remember, a pole barn truss!

It’s never too late to construct a pole barn truss, especially if you need to. The decision to get a pole barn truss is now an old story, what is paramount now is how to go about it. You have two alternatives here. It’s either you buy it or assemble it yourself. If you are a little low on funds, the choice should be get it fixed by yourself.

Constructing a pole barn truss

The first step is to head out and buy a pole barn truss package online or offline, but preferably online. Buying the barn truss online affords you the opportunity to get the best from others. Once you have purchased the necessary materials to build the device, the next step is to assemble it. Are you building it from the start? If so, remember to add circular rods or poles, logs, and square posts to your shopping lists. Other materials include, frames measuring 2 by 4 and 2 by 6, roof structures and trusses, wood siding and plywood for better effect.

The next step after gathering these materials is to collect your pole barn truss materials together. You will use these materials to construct the pole barn truss and they are gravel, galvanized screws, concrete, storm clips, roofing nails, a driller, electric drill, round saw, hand saw, and a carpenters drill.

Choose a level ground on a building site, then clear obstacles from the area that could remain after the clearing. Drill a hole 5 ft deep into the ground; blend the concrete and level out the pole height.

Add trusses and the roof rafter support, if required, add extra rafter or beam for additional support. Insert the doors, roof, windows and mount the siding and you are done. Easy, isn’t it?

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