Top 10 Civil Engineering Schools In The World

Every year a detailed survey on the basis of performance, infrastructure and placements colleges or universities are ranked to help new engineering students to get a list of top colleges in the world. When it comes to civil engineering schools, there are some famous colleges or schools around the world that particular stands tall with their academic performances and other facilities. The ranks are combined after successful survey of employers and academics in comparison with research citations.

World’s Best Civil Engineering Schools

The main aim is to identify the top notch schools in the field with tremendous international reputation as well as several research impacts in the academic field. The top civil Engineering schools are spread across several countries such as US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and in Asian subcontinent.

Top Civil engineering colleges in Canada and US

According to a recent survey four colleges or schools from US has been listed amongst top ten colleges in the world when it comes to civil engineering branch. The total count goes to eight when it is considered amongst top fifty engineering colleges in the world. The country has some of the best civil engineering schools and the highest performer in the field is MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to 2013/14 QS University rankings across the world, MIT holds the top position across all disciplines in engineering. Moreover, US have around 39 top colleges that are ranked in the list of 200 top civil Engineering schools across the globe. When it comes to civil engineering, US holds the highest number of colleges or schools that are in the top list compared to other countries in the globe.

University of Illinois that is at Urbana-Champaign has been ranked as the second highest ranked colleges or school in the world for Civil engineering. Accordingly there are more colleges from the country among the top ten lists such as University of California, Berkeley, which holds the third position followed by University of Texas at Austin that is at sixth position. There are few more colleges which are amongst top civil engineering schools Stanford University holding the eleventh position, Purdue University holding the twenty third position, Georgia Institute of Technology currently at twenty sixth position and last but not the least University of California, San Diego at twenty seventh rank. Each and every college has been ranked according to the survey and considering every aspect.

Canada may not have top ten civil engineering colleges but holds 12 universities that are amongst the top 200 top or best civil engineering schools across the globe. University of Toronto holds the thirty-third position and University of British Columbia with fifteenth position that is amongst top fifty colleges in civil engineering from Canada. However, there are other colleges like  University of Alberta, Calgary and University of Waterloo that are quite famous for civil engineering and considered amongst top 200 colleges in the world.

Top Civil engineering colleges in Europe

After US, the best civil engineering school/schools is shared by UK. The country has around 23 entries amongst the global list of top 200 colleges. Imperial College London along with The University of Cambridge  is ranked within the top ten or top civil Engineering schools in the world with ranks at fourth and ninth position respectively. The University of Oxford is at fiftieth position across the world. University of Sheffield, Manchester, University College London, Loughborough University and University of Bristol makes amongst the top hundred colleges in the world in the field of civil engineering. In Europe, Germany has nine entries that are listed amongst the top 200 colleges for civil engineering. Italy has seven top schools for civil engineering whereas Sweden; Spain, Greece and Belgium have three each at top 200 for civil engineering.  Two entries are from countries like the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal and Turkey.

Top Civil engineering colleges in New Zealand and Australia

When it comes to top civil engineering school/ schools across the globe Australia holds 15 universities, mighty number after UK and US. Seven colleges or schools from Australia makes into the mighty list of top 50. University of Sydney is at fifteenth position, University of New South Wales at eighteenth rank, thirty eight rank is taken by Monash University, University of Queensland is at forty-second rank, University of Melbourne at forty four, University of Newcastle and Queensland University of Technology holds forty five and forty seven respectively. Neighboring country New Zealand holds two entries with University of Canterbury amongst the top twenty for civil engineering branch.

Top Civil engineering colleges in Asia

There are 13 top civil engineering schools ranked amongst the world list of 200 entries in the arena of civil engineering, and it is with China that holds the fourth position. The leading civil engineering colleges from China are Tsinghua University that successfully holds the twentieth position and Tongji University, which is at twenty first position. There are there more colleges namely Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Peking University that tops amongst the 100 for civil engineering branch.

Following China and Japan, both have around eight top civil engineering schools that are ranked within hundred. India, as well as South Korea, has seven each followed by Malaysia with five, Taiwan and Hong Kong with four each and Thailand as well as Singapore having two each. Each one of those universities or colleges has ben thoroughly checked with all details and after successful entries have been listed amongst the top notches in the world.

Apart from the above-mentioned countries there are many more countries, around 39 to be exact which has at least one university that has been ranked amongst top 200 in the world when it comes to civil engineering and structural engineering. Those list of countries having one top notch university in the field  includes Brazil, Chile, France, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Colombia, Denmark, Hungary, Lebanon.  All such colleges have been accredited or considered having the top facilities and academics for civil engineering.

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