Is Masters in Civil Engineering Really Worth It?

It is not too long ago that a bachelor’s degree in some branch of engineering, including civil, was considered gateway to getting a high salary.  But now we are told that acquiring a master’s degree in civil engineering should be the aim of those aspiring for a higher salary.

Having got a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or any subject for that matter you are required to choose among these options:

  • Taking a long awaited break
  • Looking for employment
  • Travel and see the world
  • Join for a master’s degree in civil engineering.

All the above options need financial considerations while offering prospective employment opportunities too. But does a master’s indeed open up superior job openings and if so at what cost?

civil engineering masters degree program

Going for higher studies has gained new advantages which are being accepted by both, the employer as well the job seekers. The trend for post graduation studies gained momentum due demand for better killed post graduates in professions like engineering and architecture.

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The financial burden of going for a master’s degree

Post graduation is expensive. Let’s not just take consideration of the tuition fees alone. Two or more years at college is not the same as two or additional years you would be working full time.

The good part is that the number of post graduate students qualifying for various scholarships and other funding options is more than those of joining graduate courses. Many universities provide opportunities for post graduate students to work as research assistants or offer them teaching assignments. The idea is to allow them to make some money while pursuing higher education. It is interesting to learn that many master’s student completed their studies spending less money than an average graduate’s expense.

Apart from reducing your financial burden to some extent, like any other kind of education or specialization, there is no guarantee of an excellent job. It is not unusual for colleges to conduct very specialized training programs which are fashioned to fulfill the anticipated requirements of industries but they finally produce post graduates who are trained for jobs that the employers have not recognized yet.

The benefits of a master’s degree

On a prolonged careful thought it is realized that post graduation is not merely a paper to decorate your room. There is enough data to prove that a post graduate earns 25 percent more that those with just a bachelor’s degree.  During the course of post graduation students get opportunities of networking, professional development, and building up an impressive CV. You’ll agree thee are the things that open more job opportunities and higher pay scales.

When you are keen to earn substantially more money after post graduation, you need to make the right choices. There are professional programs designed for post graduate who like to get into the right field at the end of their studies.  There are reports suggesting that these kinds of programs are getting increasingly popular the world over.

According to Forbes the most excellent post graduation programs for getting employed are: computer science, mathematics, civil engineering, environmental studies, political science, physician assistant studies and occupational therapy, though not necessarily in that order.

Now, are you not better qualified to assess if it’s worthwhile to go for your post graduation in civil engineering!

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