Slate Slab: Uses of Slate Slabs

Slate Slab

Building a new house is a huge responsibility. When you are building your house you should be aware of all the pros and the cons of the products that you use. Slate slabs are a very versatile house building material, which can make one’s house create the ultimate perfection. Slate slabs or tile has different uses and benefits that are necessary for house building. One major benefit of Slate is that it never loses its natural color. Moreover, it is not affected by water. Slate slab or tiles also have the added benefit of being long lasting. It looks new even after it has gone through years under extreme temperature. The slate looks extremely impressive and it is not affected by chemicals. These features make slate a must use product when you are making a new house. Some of the common uses of slate slabs are discussed as under-

slate slab
slate slab

Slate slabs are often used as floor tiles for general people. As mentioned before, they are very durable and easy to maintain. Slate slab or tiles are not slippery, which makes it an ideal choice of flooring. It is particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms. Slate slabs can also be used for paving the exterior of the house as it can withstand extreme climatic conditions like frost without losing its color. Moreover, nowadays slate wall tiles are also available in the market, which looks great in shower or wet rooms.  In addition to these, Slate can also be used to design your fireplace hearth or kitchen Worktops. Slate window sills and slate roof tiles have also become very popular as it makes the house stand out among other houses. Slate slabs not only look great, but they also are very easy to maintain. Slate slabs are cost effective and real value for money.

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