Slab Repair Cost – Why Slab Leaks can be a Costly Affair

Slab repair cost is a horrible experience, which most of us have faced. Slab leaks not only cause a lot of inconvenience, but it also damages a lot of property, especially electric appliances. Add to it, all the problems created due to water logging and you have a disaster to deal with. Slab leaks can be very difficult to detect beforehand. Some symptoms can be sudden rise in the water bill, significant drop in water pressure, constant sound of water dripping from a tap, damp carpets, foundation cracks and mildew on the walls. In case the leak is in a hot water line, then the area above it may feel warm. It is very important to understand these symptoms and act promptly to fix the issue. Delaying it will only increase the problem. The sooner you identify it, the better it is for you. This could also decrease the slab repairing price.

slab repair price

Once you have identified that there is a slab leak, then many people wonder how much it would cost to fix the slab leak. The cost of fixing slab leaks can vary. Some idea about slab repair cost is given below:

  • If you are unable to detect the leak and require expert help, then that could cost you around $125 to $400. Some companies have a flat rate, which ranges from $125 to $200.
  • Jack hammering the slab and fixing the pipe, which is leaking may cost around $500 to $800. However, this can be much higher if the leak is severe or if it is not easily accessible.
  • If a pipe has become old and weak, then repairing a leak at one place may increase the pressure on other areas of the pipe which creates a greater possibility of another leak in the near future. In such a scenario, the best thing to do is to close the leak on the pipe and re route a new pipe above the ground. Doing this will cost something in the range of $1500 to $2000.
  • It is often seen that slab leak is just a symptom of disintegration of the entire plumbing system. In such a situation, it is best to change all the pipes which could cost you around $2000 to $15000.
  • It is best not to ignore or neglect because that can cause damage to the foundation of the house, interior flooring, walls, etc. Slab repair expense can be anything between $100 to $4000 and more.

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