Hollow Core Slab – Advantages of Hollow Core Slabs

Hollow Core Slab

The design of one’s home is a reflection of one’s taste and personality. When it comes to designing a home we all want it to be done in our style. Here comes the concept of hollow core slab. However, with so many different options in designing and decorating one’s house that gets spoilt for choices. In recent times, we have noticed the coming of a very popular kind of tiles and slabs. These are called hollow core slab. It has become a growing trend in the modern market for those who want a perfect home for themselves. These are very different from other natural stones. Hollow core slab is mostly used for flooring. These are precast, pre-stressed concrete elements. These slabs have longitudinal cores running across them.

hollow core slab elements
hollow core slab

Advantages of Hollow Core Slab

Hollow core slabs not only look great and make your home look great, but they have a number of other advantages too. Some of the advantages are mentioned as below.

The hollow core slab is in demand because of many reasons. They weigh up to 54% less than the other custom pre-stressed slabs. As a result of this, the cost of construction of the hollow core slab is also much lower as the pillars and beams have much less load on them. These slabs have the capability to bridge the spans of 16 meters without support. They transfer the load only in one direction. This type of slabs can also be used in masonry and steel structures irrespective of the fact if it is prefabrication or traditional construction. Hollow core slab can save up to 50% of concrete and up to 50% of the armature when compared to all other traditional slabs. This means that in structures of 1000 m2, 35 tons of concrete and 75 tons of the armatures are saved. This is spectacular savings. With the savings from this, it is possible to decorate another room the way you have always wanted to. It is possible for hollow core slab to hold up to 2000kg/m2 which is a lot compared to other stones. You can also use these for installations of different types. In addition to the above mentioned points, it also takes a less time for the construction to finish, which will save huge amount of time. It also saves a lot of money on construction of descending ceilings because of its smooth surface. Production of hollow core slab does not take very long and the transportation too is easy compared to the natural stones.

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