How to Lay Bricks – A Four Step Guide to Lay Bricks with Mortar

Many people often come to a common question how to lay bricks? Laying bricks is basically a systematic approach and it should be done with precision to provide enough strength to the construction. Bricks are considered as foundations of any establishments and thus, this job not only requires precision, but also needs sheer accuracy. When it comes to how to lay bricks, standard methods as well as the approaches are followed. No matter what kind of bricks you choose for the conduction job, brick laying process remains always the same for all cases. In the following section of this article, we shall have a look at the step by step guide to the brick laying process.

Step 1: First stage of Laying Bricks

At the first stage to lay bricks, you need to create a straight line, which is often referred as a mason’s line. This line is actually created by a thread from one end to another end. The first end of the thread should be your starting point for placing brick and the last end of the thread should be the ending point of laying bricks. Mason’s line helps setting the bricks in a perfectly straight line or row. To keep the thread intact and straight, you need a couple of bricks, each placed on the either ends of the thread. The top of each brick should touch the bottom of each brick. This will ensure that the bricks are placed evenly throughout. This is the most important part in brick laying process.

cretae a straight line to lay the bricks

Step 2: Guide the Bricks

In your process of laying bricks, at the second phase, your story pole is a strip of wood that will act as the guide for laying bricks. Setting up this guide is important for seamless construction of the wall. Mistake in measurement or mistakes in this process may lead to inappropriate results at the end and eventually you will realize that you may have to make the whole construction once again right from the beginning. So, if you want to know how to lay bricks, know about guiding the bricks properly while laying them.

Step 3: Applying Mortar

To know how to lay bricks, you must have good knowledge to work with mortar. While working with mortar, it is important to wear rubber gloves for safety reasons. You have to use a spade trowel to apply mortar on every layer of the bricks. Spreading the mortar rightly and applying it generously will give the much needed strength to your construction.

laying bricks
laying bricks

Step 4: Remove Excessive Mortar

After applying the mortar, wait for a few minutes or continue brick laying for a few layers upside. Then, your next job is to remove the excessive mortar from both the ends of the wall. In the process of laying bricks, this is an important part as in this phase you are actually making the wall surfaces smoother.

remove excess mortar from brick joints
remove excess mortar from brick joints

These are the four steps that you have to follow for laying bricks. Well the process is easy, but accuracy as well as high end efficiency has been required to conclude this. Following the steps with precision will surely help you to know as well as learn how to lay bricks.

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