Roof Structure Vs Roof Covering – Difference Between Roof Structure and Roof Covering

There are many who faces consfusion on roof structures and roof covering. We shall differentiate between roof structures and roof covering in this article to clarify the differences and their roles.

 Roof structure:

roof structure
roof structure

Roof covering:

roof covering
steel roof covering

Below is a comparison table showing each of their functionalities and differences.

Roof Structure

Roof Covering

1. Roof structure is the main frame that is built at the top of a building/house and will carry loads.

1. Roof covering is the cover provided with different materials above roof structure to provide resistance to rain, snow, sunlight etc.
2. It needs to be strong so that it can carry the loads. 2. Fabrication facilities should be provided.
3. Timber, iron, steel etc are used as roof structure. 3. Tiles, GI sheets, AC sheets, thatch etc are used as roof covering.
4. Roof structure is built on the main building/house masonry structure. 4. Roof covering is built on roof structure.


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