Roof Covering – List of Materials Needed and How To Select Materials

Roof covering is an important part of construction for a sloped roof. For a sloped roof covering, the below materials are generally used.

List of Sloped Roof Covering Materials

  1. Thatch covering
  2. Wood singles
  3. Tiles
  4. Asbestos cement sheets
  5. Galvanised Iron corrugated sheets
  6. Slates
  7. Light weight roofing (i) Sheeting: Alluminium sheet, AC Sheet; ii) Decking: Wood wool, Straw board, Aluminium alloy and steel decking etc).
roof covering
steel roof covering

Selecting Roof Covering Materials

Roof covering is essential in a sloped roof to provide protection in sunlight, rain, snow, heavy wind and other adverse weather conditions. Roof covering is done on the framework. When selecting materials for roof covering it is important to consider the followings:

  1. Types of building/house
  2. Type of roof framework
  3. Initial cost
  4. Maintenance requirements
  5. Fabrication facilities
  6. Appearance and special features of the locality
  7. Durability
  8. Availability of the material
  9. Climate of the locality
  10. Weight of the roof covering
  11. Slope of teh roof
  12. Heat insulation.

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