Refractory Brick or Fire Brick | Salient Advantages and Applications of Fire Bricks

Refractory brick, also popularly known as fire brick, is a type of brick that is designed or manufactured to cope with high heat environment. For example, to construct kilns and furnaces this kind of brick is used. Numerous manufacturers around the world produce refractory bricks in different sizes, shapes and styles. Most of the manufacturers also deliver customized fire bricks to their clients. The major benefit of using refractory brick is that it can easily withstand with high temperature without failing. Whereas, other bricks get heated up so easily, this type of brick is known for insulating nature.

Advantages of Using Refractory or Fire Bricks

Using a fire brick or refractory brick is advantageous from different aspects. For its unique high end insulating power, it is obvious that this kind of brick is costlier than other bricks. However, in exchange of your extra investments, it provides some unique benefits that you can enjoy.

fire bricks or refractory bricks
fire bricks or refractory bricks

Here are some of the common advantages of refractory bricks:

  1. Excellent Insulation: Fire bricks are primarily used for their insulating nature. It can stop heat to penetrate through it and thus, keeps the house cozy in both summer and winter. With the changing weather, the environment inside your house would not change drastically.
  1. Stronger than Normal Bricks: Refractory brick is stronger than normal clay made bricks and this is why they are considered as more durable than normal bricks. Though, these bricks are strong, they are amazingly light weighted.
  1. Easy Storage: In extensive or large constructional projects, it has been often found that due to inappropriate storage and due to changes in climate conditions, many bricks get damaged easily. With refractory brick, there is no hassle with the storage. Just make sure they are kept in a dry place,  as moist may damage such bricks.
  1. Any Shape and Size: The best part with refractory brick is that they are customizable. Most of the manufacturers provide customized brick size and dimensions to the buyers. So, you will get them according to your wish.

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Applications of Refractory Bricks

Fire brick or refractory brick is mostly used where heat insulation is required. For example, to make the furnace, this type of brick has been used widely. In extreme weather conditions, like extreme hot or cold places, these kinds of bricks are even used for housing constructional projects. In hot conditions, refractory brick keeps the interior cold and in cold conditions, it keeps the house warm inside. These are some of the common applications of refractory or fire brick.

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