5 Characteristics of Good Bricks – How To Identify a Good Brick

For a good structure, bricks should be good and well burnt. In a construction site, sometimes we need to check if the bricks are of good quality or it is not. We should be able to identify good bricks without any extra instrument. To do that, we need to know the characteristics of good bricks.

good brick and its characteristics

What Are The Characteristics of a Good Brick?

There are some specific characteristics of a brick that can be used to identify if the bricks are good or bad. Here are 5 characteristics of good bricks enlisted below that will help you to check if the bricks are really of good quality.

  1. Bricks should be of same color, size and shape.
  2. Collision of 2 good bricks will produce a metal sound.
  3. A good brick won’t break if it is given to fall from approximate 1 meter height.
  4. The upper surface of the brick should be plane and without any crack.
  5. Bricks should be soaked into water for atleast 12 hours.

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