How to Remove Paint From Brick – 4 Efficient and Cost-Effective Methods

Paint on bricks may seem impossible to remove, there are some useful methods which can be deployed to remove paint from the bricks with seamless precision. So, if the question is how to remove paint from brick, here in this article you will find some befitting answers. To start with the job, you need a few accessories. For different methods, different accessories are used. Another important thing is to estimate the cost for the job. Different methods come with different price options. It is not that higher budget will fetch the best results, but certainly for accurate results, you have to consider a few expenses. Here are 4 methods for you at a glance that is effective in removing paint from brick.:

Method 1: Using Heat Gun for Removing Paint from Bricks

A heat gun is often used for removing paints from bricks with precision. If you already have a heat gun in your house, then it would not be a costly option for you. However, most of us do not have such devices at home, and thus, you have to consider buying a new device. The cheapest heat gun would cost you around $50 to $60, while professional as well as high end devices costs around $100-120. How to remove paint from brick using heat gun? The method is simple. Apply the flames on the paints over the bricks and you will find that the bricks are exposed. The best part about this method is that it is one time investment. However, the drawback is that it would not give accurate results. So, it is not actually the best method to use for removing the paint from bricks.

heat gun
heat gun

Method 2: Sand Blasting Method

This is surely an effective method, if you are seeking a befitting answer to how to remove paint from brick. However, there is a shortcoming of this method. You need to hire a professional for concluding the job and it will cost you around $85-150 per hour. The method can get really expensive if you have a large wall. Another drawback is that it can harm the surface of the bricks. Thus, you should find a trusted service provider to prevent damages on the bricks.

Removing Paint from bricks by sand blasting
Removing Paint from bricks by sand blasting

Method 3: Peel Away

In this method, you need to buy a few materials. First, you need to buy peel away gel for the paints, special covering papers, and furthermore you need a neutralizer. The cost for the paint peeler is around $30 per gallon, the cost of special covering paper is around $7 (covers 30 sq ft) and finally the cost for neutralizer is around $10 per gallon. Consider this to be one of the best options to remove paint from brick.

Method 4: Using Soygel Stripper

soygel paint remover

This is the best possible methods for removing brick paint. Soygel costs around $45 per gallon and one gallon of soygel will cover around 200 sq ft. If you are seeking to remove paint from brick in eco-friendly manner, then consider this method. While paint peeler can harm your skin, soygel does not have such risks to endorse. The method works perfectly for latex paint or oil paint on the bricks.

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