Mud Flooring | How To Build a Mud Floor

Mud flooring is generally seen in rural areas. It is the cheapest flooring system available. Mud floors are strong, fireproof, easy to build and also easy to repair. It keeps the home cool in summer and hot in winter. Mud floors are favorable for places where temperature becomes very high in summer.

How to build a mud floor

Construction Process of Mud FloorHand tamper for mud flooring

At first, selected soils are spread to make a 25 cm thick layer. Ground is made wet by spraying water if it is dry. The soil with water is then tampered properly with hand or instruments such as hand tamper so that the thickness of the layer becomes about 15 cm. But it is important to remember that we should not use any water during the tampering. To prevent the floor from cracking after drying, sometimes a layer of dung & wet soil mixture is provided before tampering. Sometimes a mixture of cement-dung layer is provided as 1:2-1:3 ratio instead of dung-wet soil.

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