Shallow Foundation | Advantages and Disadvantages of Shallow Foundation

Shallow foundations are the foundations that have a depth less than or equal to its width.

Advantages of Shallow Foundation

Foundations with shallow depths are beneficial for some aspects. Some advantages of shallow foundation is listed below.

  1. Shallow foundation is convenient for foundations having depth is equal or less than the foundation width.
  2. It is used if bearing capacity of soil is high at shallow depth.
  3. For compressive soils, it helps to reduce settlement.
  4. No piling is required. So it reduces a great cost.

shallow foundation

Disadvantages of Shallow Foundations

This foundations can not be used everywhere. The major disadvantages of shallow foundations are given below.

  1. If  weight of structure is high and load of the structure is distributed unequally.
  2. The bearing capacity of top surface soil is less.
  3. If sub-soil water level is high and it is uneconomical to pump out the water from the hole or canal.
  4. If there is a chance of scouring as the structure is near sea or river shallow foundation can not be used.

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