Brick Flooring | How To Build Brick Floors

Brick flooring is commonly used in store rooms, kitchens, platforms or places where goods are stored. It is also used for fashionable or unique look. Brick floors can be economical if quality bricks are available for low price.

how to build a brick floor

Construction Process of Brick Floor

Floor base construction process is different depending on the construction site. At first, the ground is leveled properly. A 7.5 cm thick sand layer is provided over the leveled ground. Then, bricks are laid with 12 mm cement layer. The joints are flashed. Important note to remember that for brick flooring frog mark will be at downward side. In brick floors, Curing is to be done for minimum 7 days.

Advantages of Brick Flooring

Bricks as a floor can be advantageous in the following ways.

  1. It is strong and durable.
  2. Brick floors are economical than concrete, timber and mosaic floors.
  3. It is not slippy.
  4. It can be repaired easily.

Disadvantages of Brick Flooring

There are some disadvantages of brick floors. The major problems are:

  1. It is water seductive.
  2. Floors can be damaged by erosion of bricks.

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