Difference Between Roof Vents and Ridge Vents

Roof vents vs Ridge vents

Roof ventilations and ridge ventilations are not same. Ventilation offer air flow and offers hot air out and the cool air in.  This air exchange is done through effective ventilation and it requires a balancing act. This may be done with the help of proper ventilation and needless to say humidity and heat has to be expelled out. Here the roof vents vs ridge vents must be given a before thought and installed to avert serious problems.


What is the difference between Roof vents vs Ridge vents?

There are many differences between roof vents and ridge vents which are listed below:

Roof Vents

Ridge Vents

  • Roof vents are installed on the plain surface of the roof.

roof vent


  • Ridge vents are a vent type that is installed at the sloped roof peak.

ridge vent system

  • Roof ventilation intake and exhaust air providing a source for the outside air to enter and exit through the ventilation spaces.
  • Ridge ventilation allow humid, warm air to escape from the attic of the buildings.
  • Roof vents prevent growth of mildew and mold. The roof vents look plain as any other slab.
  • Ridge vents offer uniform cooling as it is installed end to end on the roof. It offers visual appeal with its slim design.
  • Roof vents come in metal or plastic and are referred to as turbine vents. These materials may be easily purchased ready to install at a hardware or home improvement store.
  • Ridge vents come as metal ridge vents and shingle over vents.  They are available as panels or rolls of both, metal ridge vents and plastic shingle-over. Leave 1/8 inch gap while installing giving space for expansion.

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