Project Life Cycle Phases

All projects do pass through a number of recognizable phases or stages from initial to completion.  As these phases are interrelated and dependent on each other, so it is reasonable to say the project passes through a project life cycle.

Project Life Cycle Phases

There is a general agreement that most project pass through a four life cycle phases under the following headings:

  • Concept and Initiation Phase: The first phase starts the project by establishing a need or opportunity for the product, facility or service. The feasibility of proceeding with the project is investigated and on acceptance of the proposal moves to the next phase.
  • Design and Development Phase: The second phase uses the guidelines set by the feasibility study to design the product, outline the build-method and develop detailed schedules and plans for making or implementing the product.
  • Implementation or Construction Phase: The third phase implements the project as per the baseline plan developed in the previous phase.
  • Commissioning and Handover Phase: The fourth phase confirms the project has been implemented or build to the design and terminates the project.

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