Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Treated Fence Posts

Pressure Treated Fence Posts

While there is a cost difference between the different types of wood, in the instance of fence posts, it is generally better to shell out the extra money for pressure treated fence posts. Pressure treated wood is the most common type of building material and is used for a variety of reasons. Using pressure treated fence posts has many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that should be considered when making the decision to use pressure treated lumber for fence posts.

pressure treated fence post pros and cons
pressure treated fence posts


Advantages of Pressure Treated Fence Posts

Here are some of the advantages of pressure treated fence posts listed below.

  • Pressure treated fence posts are affordable. When you compare pressure treated wood to other types of wood, it will be noticeably cheaper.
  • Most pressure treated fence posts are much stronger than other types of wood. The posts will hold up to much more wear and tear and keeps the posts looking good throughout the years.
  • They are long-lasting because of the extra strength that pressure treated fence posts have. Several manufactures even include a 40 year warranty of the pressure treated wood that they produce.
  • Insects will not be attracted to pressure treated fence posts. It is toxic to insects that try to bite into it or land on it for too long. The posts will not attract insects, but many times repel them.

pressure treated fence post benefits and problems


Disadvantages of Pressure Treated Fence Posts

Below are some of the disadvantages of pressure treated fence post.

  • Pressure treated fence posts has toxic materials in it. It can be hazardous to your health to come into direct contact with the wood. Burning the wood can be extremely dangerous because the toxins are released into the air. Breathing in these toxins can be deadly if you do not get away from them quickly.
  • It is difficult to dispose of pressure treated fence posts because of the chemicals or toxins. Pressure treated fence posts are not considered to be environmentally friendly and in some areas are thought to be hazardous materials.

While most people are not going to be burning fence posts, there is always the risk that when the posts need to be replaced the disposal of the posts could pose a problem. It would seem, though, that the advantages of pressure treated fence posts do outweigh the disadvantages.

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