Bow Window vs Bay Window | 6 Differences between Bow Window and Bay Window

Before going to a detailed comparison of bow window vs bay window, it is important to be stated that both of them have some pros and cons to offer. Bay windows are made up with three windows, having identical sizes or varying sizes. On the other hand, bow windows are made up with various number of windows. There is no fixed number of window openings for bow window.

bay window and bow window photo comparison
bay window and bow window

Difference between bow window and bay window

There are many differences between bay window and bow window which are listed below. If you want to know about standard window sizes read this article.

Bay Window

Bow Window

  • Bay window has three openings. Generally the sizes of the openings are identical though it may vary in few cases.
  • Bow window generally has more than three openings and the openings are usually around 4 to 5. The openings may be identical or may vary in terms of dimensions.
  • In terms of size, these windows are generally smaller. It can have round shape and at the same time, it can be linear as well.
  • Bow window size is generally bigger than bay window and most importantly, it has to be curved, making a rounded appearance.
  • Bay window design goes very well with contemporary houses. This is one of the major different to be noted while studying bow window vs. bay window.
  • It brings a vintage charm as this design is suitable for the traditional Victorian type households.
  • When it comes to spotting differences of bow window vs bay window, space has to be considered as an important factor. Bay window allows more exterior as well as interior space.
  • It allows good amount of interior space, but it does not provide exterior space.
  • It allows lesser light to be penetrated as window size is small and the number of openings is only three.
  • It allows more light to be penetrated through window openings as the number of openings is more than three. This is one of the prime things to be noted while analyzing bow window vs. bay window.
  • Bay window is cost-effective, as well as cheaper than bow window. This is one of the important things to know about bow window vs. bay window.
  • Bow window is expensive and the reason behind that is the higher number of openings. Typically, a bow window has more than 4 openings.

When it comes to learning about bow window vs bay window, it has to be noted that both the window styles are extensively used. However, for small houses or apartments, bay window is suitable, while for large houses or traditional style house, bow window is perfectly suitable.

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