Difference Between Plastering and Pointing

Plastering and pointing do not refer to same meaning. The differences between plastering and pointing is shown below:




  • Mortar is applied to the full surface of the structure.
  • Only joints are filled properly.
  • In plastering, lime and cement mortar are used.
  • In pointing, only cement mortar is used.
  • Plaster is applied in both inside and outside.
  • Done only at the outside part.
  • More materials are needed.
  • Less materials are needed.
  • The surface becomes plain.
  • The surface is not plain like plaster.
  • Not possible to see the defects of masonry.
  • The masonry work can be seen fully.
  • Plaster can be applied to all brick surface.
  • Pointing only can be done to first class brick surface.


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