Machine Foundation | Types of Machine Foundation

Machine Foundation

Machine foundation is the foundation that is provided beneath the super structure of vibrating and rotating machine.

Machine foundations are subjected to the dynamic forces caused by the machine. These dynamic forces are then transferred to the foundation supporting the machine. Though the moving parts of the machine are generally balanced, there is always some unbalance in practical field which causes an eccentricity of rotating parts. This produces an oscillating force. The machine foundation must satisfy the criteria for dynamic loading in addition to that for static loading.


Types of Machine Foundation

Machine foundation design, which is also known as machinery foundation design is accomplished to protect the adjacent foundations of the structure from the vibration of the rotating or vibrating machine. There are four types of machine foundations generally used. Each of them is discussed briefly below.

  1. Block Type
  2. Box Type
  3. Wall Type
  4. Framed Type


Block Type

Block type machine foundations consist of a pedestal resting on a footing. The foundation has a large mass and a small natural frequency.

Machine foundation Photo
Machine foundation


Box Type

Box type machine foundation consists of a hollow concrete block. The mass of the foundation is less than the block type and the natural frequency is increased.


Wall Type

It consists of a pair of walls having a top slab. The machine rests on the top slab.  It is economical for smaller projects. Wall type machine foundation is made by homogeneous material in case of both horizontal and vertical member.


Frame Type

Frame type consists of vertical columns having a horizontal frame at their tops. The machine is supported on the frame. It is economical for larger projects. In frame type machine foundation, vertical and horizontal member is made by different materials.

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