Braced Cut – Types and Uses of Braced Cut

Braced Cut

Braced cuts are the excavations that are laterally supported. The vertical side of the excavations are are supported by a sheeting and bracing system. It consists of relatively flexible sheeting placed against the excavation walls. The lateral thrust on the sheeting is resisted by the horizontal members in compression (struts) is known as bracing system. Main components of braced cuts are struts, wales, sheet piles or wooden board.

2 types of braced cut used in construction
Types of Braced Cut

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Uses of Braced Cut

Braced cut is used for different purposes.

  1. It is used to resist the lateral pressure.
  2. It provides safety to the construction work
  3. It enables deep excavation.

Types of Braced Cut

There are mainly two types of braced cut that is generally used under normal circumstances.

  1. Sheet pile
  2. Wooden board

Sheet Pile:  Sheet piles are used for bracing.

Wooden Pile: Wood or timber is used for bracing.

Difference Between Sheet Pile and Wooden Board Braced Cut

Some basic differences between sheet pile and wooden board braced cut are shown below.

Sheet Pile

Wooden Board

  • More strength
  • Less strength
  • It is safe and can .be used in deep excavation
  • It can be reused
  • It cannot be reused.
  • Initial cost of sheet pile is high but overall economic
  • Initial cost is low, but in long run overall uneconomic than sheet pile

Q. Sheet Pile or Wooden Board: Which One Is Better

Ans. Sheet pile braced cuts are better than wooden board.

Advantages of Sheet Pile

Sheet pile has so many advantages than other types of bracing. Its main advantage is that it can be reused which makes sheet pile economical.

  1. It has more strength than other types.
  2. Sheet pile braced cuts can be used easily in deep excavation.
  3. It can be reused.
  4. Resistance to weathering action is high.
  5. It is overall more economic than other in the long run.

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