Limestone Slabs: Advantages and Disadvantages of Limestone Slabs

Limestone Slab

Limestone slab is increasingly being used in making houses. Limestone slab is used for designin, as floor tiles, wall tiles and furniture.  It is made up of a kind of calcium carbonate called calcite. The crystallization of calcium carbonate leads to its formation. It takes many years for Limestone to be formed usually at the bottom of deep water bodies. Limestone slab is also used extensively for building construction purposes. It can be used for interior or exterior designs. The smooth surface and the soft look of Limestone make it very popular. Limestone is not only great to look at, but it has a lot of historical significance too. It is very durable and can withstand the test of time.

limestone slab
limestone slab

Advantages of Limestone Slabs

The reason for such immense popularity of Limestone slab amongst homeowners, homebuyers and interior designers is its ability to match with the appearance of any place. It beautifully complements both modern and traditional styles. It also mixes with many color schemes due to its diverse range of colors, textures and patterns. Limestone slab looks good in many forms. It looks good on the floor and also on the walls. Besides these, Limestone is very easy to maintain. It is not at all expensive to maintain. Limestone can be seen as a long term investment as it is extremely durable. It is believed that the Romans and the Greeks built many limestone statues and buildings about 2000 years ago. Even the famous the Great Pyramid and its associated Giza, Egypt are made of Limestone. This shows its durability. Although limestone is softer than other natural stones like granite yet it is strong enough for flooring and tiling. Limestone can last for many years. Limestone, when compared with other natural stones, requires very little maintenance. It is said that cleaning limestone is as easy as rubbing it with a soft wet cloth, unless you know and understand its worth.

Disadvantages of Limestone Slabs

Despite all this, there are some drawbacks of using Limestone slab in your house. Limestone is very expensive. It is very difficult to install. Therefore, it should be installed only by professionals with a good amount of experience in this particular field. Installation charges are also very costly depending on the complexity and the size of the job. It is also a heavy natural stone which makes it difficult to maneuver. Despite these minor disadvantages, Limestone slab is worth using because of the above mentioned reasons.

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