Granite Slab – Uses, Size and Characteristics of Granite Slabs

Granite Slab

Granite is one of the most popular building materials in the market. It is useful for both interior and exterior application. Granite is one of the hardest types of stones available and granite slabs are part of it. They are known for their heat resistance and resistance to wear. Granite is used for making buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, etc.  In your house you may use granite as the countertop, tile floors, stair treads, etc.  Granite gives an impressive look which makes it very popular for general use in the modern market. However, when you are using Granite, it is very important to focus on the granite slab size. If you get the Granite slab size wrong, then it could turn out to be very problematic. Granite is a very hard substance. Therefore, cutting it or making small changes to it is next to impossible.

granite slab

Most of the time, granites are cut in general dimensions. Granite fabricators usually have granite slabs with them. When a customer specifies the granite slab size that he wants to buy, then the fabricator cuts them accordingly. When handling Granites you should be careful as they are very heavy.

granite slab of another size

Huge blocks of granite are cut into slabs, the size of which ranges from ¾ of an inch to 1 ¼ inch in thickness. Granite slabs are cut to make it easier for transportation. Granite slabs requires regular cleaning and polishing. On average granite slabs are approximately 112 inches in length and 65 inches in width. It is estimated that ¾ inch of a granite slab weighs around 12.8 lbs per square foot. When 8 to 10 granite slabs are put together they are called Granite slab bundles. These bundles are separated from each other by plastic sheets. Each bundle in the granite slab weighs around 5700 lbs approximately.

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