Construction Defects in Building

Construction defect in building are seen in most of the age old buildings as well as the new ones. This happens for the lack of proper supervision during building construction. So it is always better to take help from a technical person constantly. These can be avoided if we become aware of such defects.

Construction Defect in Building

Generally, four types of defect in building is found mostly. These construction defects in building can suffer the inhabitants for a long time after the completion of the structure.

Hair Cracks

Hair cracks are very familiar but they are harmless. Pure curing is responsible for this sort of defects.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks may happen due to soil pressure which is increased in rainy season due to bulking of moist soil and decreases during winter due to shrinkage. Wall cracks may also occur due to uneven settlement of foundation. This may be harmful.

Wall Crack


Repair with grouting is necessary. Severe settlement cracks may need under pining.

Roof Crack

Roof cracks are of two kinds. One occurs in corner due to faulty corner reinforcement and the other occurs at the middle of the slab due to excessive tension. Another type occurs below P.V.C. concealed conduit.

roof crack due to construction defect
roof crack


The P.V.C. concealed conduits be placed over rods. Even extra pieces of rod may be provided perpendicular to the conduit in the bottom position. Concrete should cover correctly 3/4 inch in slabs.


It is one of the most seen construction defects in building. Dampness causes serious damage to walls and floors. Concealed water pipes also causes serious dampness which is very bad for the structure.

Dampness due to concealed water
Dampness due to concealed water


Seriously Damped Roof

Roof Dampness
Roof Dampness


Walls should be furnished with D.P.C. and ground floor should be cast over 2 inches stone chips and 3/4 inch pipes may be inserted in the floor bottom to arrest moisture. The concealed water pipes should be repaired by breaking the wall and re-plastered.

Lastly, defect in building may not be eliminated completely but it can be controlled for ensuring durability of the structure. Proper guidance should be taken from a person who is experienced in this section can help a structure to increase its durability by reducing building defects or cracks.

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  1. Hi, i found your blog very interesting. According to my view buildings can be optimized before constructing. It could be that pre analysis might take time but to avoid the damages we should take precaution measures.

    • Thanks Gloria. You are right. For building construction or any other structures it is best to take time but ensure proper optimization of the resources regarding both safety and cost. I think, it is the best part when civil engineering skills play the role.


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