Concrete Fence Posts – Features and Construction Process

What is Concrete Fence Post

Building a fence is necessary when you want to cage livestock or designate your yard. It is imperative for the fence to remain functional. Fence posts are needed for attaching the fence and can be made from many materials. Concrete fence posts are durable and provide a long lasting solution for fencing requirements. Once properly installed, these posts can be expected to last a lifetime.

concrete fence post example
concrete fence post

Features of concrete fence posts

The features of a concrete fence post are as followings:

  • Unlike wooden variety, these require no maintenance or treatment against termites or animals chewing your fencing as is often the case with wooden fencing.
  • Concrete fence posts are fire and weather resistant and in the long run prove to be more economical, compared to wooden or vinyl posts.
  • They can withstanding more load or pressure from animals or weather than wooden posts and can be easier and quicker to install.
  • Generally, concrete fence posts come with a slot type fastening arrangement that allows you to slot your fence panels directly in between post , requiring no nails, screws of fixing as in case of wooden posts.
  • Modern concrete products may be etched or include patterns and textures which are incorporated at the prefabrication stage. In fact, you can get concrete fencing posts and rails that resemble other materials like wood, brick or natural stone.

concrete fence post

Making Concrete Fence Posts

Making of a concrete fence post is not a tough work to do. You may make concrete fence posts on your own if you have been handling concrete and have a few concrete forms. Here is the making process:

  1. First of all you need to make wooden forms. You simply require plywood for making these in the required size and shape.
  2. Next step is to pour concrete into those forms. You should give it enough time to set and get hardened before removing it from the form and your concrete fence post is ready.
  3. You may consider reinforcing posts with steel rods by positioning one or two steel rods in concrete before it sets.

How to Set Fence Posts in Concrete

To ensure that the concrete fence psot is really functional, the fence posts should be set correctly. Before digging a post hole, decide the material you intend using for setting the posts.

Watch the video below on concrete fence post.

Setting the Line

Set the line before you dig holes for concrete footing, Put stakes in the ground where the corner posts will go, placing these at regular intervals by using measuring tape. Marking paint should be used for the purpose. The gap between posts depends on the type of fencing material to be used.

Setting Fence Posts in Concrete

Set fence posts in fast-setting concrete when you want the fence to remain in place for a long time or if you have very loose, sandy soil. You need to dig holes with an augur. Make sure that at least one fourth to one third of the post remains underground. Every time you set a fence post, make sure  that the same length of the post is above ground.

different types of Concrete Fence Posts
different types of Concrete Fence Posts

Pour six inches of gravel around the fence post and then fill up with concrete. If you find the concrete to be too loose, use braces to keep the post straight. Check with a plumb line to ensure that the post is correctly placed. Allow the concrete to cure for three or four days before installing fence panels, fence rails or chain link. Ensure that the concrete is hard before putting any kind of weight on the posts.

If you have ever used or installed a concrete fence post share us your experience in the comments section.

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