Key Advantages of Steel Truss over Wooden Truss

Steel truss and wood truss, both are used frequently in structural design. Here are some of the key advantages of using steel trusses over wood trusses listed below. You can also consider this as steel truss and wooden truss comparison table.

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Steel Truss

Wood Truss

  1. Steel truss is stronger than wooden truss.
It is weaker than steel truss.
  1. It is light and can be built in any shape.
It is heavier than steel truss and all shapes are not possible.
  1. Steel truss can be used in any span.
Wooden truss is suitable up to 15 meter span.
  1. Better fire resistance.
Little resistance to fire.
  1. Termites cannot harm steel trusses.
Wood trusses easily get harmed by termites etc.
  1. Less wastage.
More wastage.
  1. Movement of different steel truss members is easy.
Movement is not easy for wood truss members.
  1. Less wastage of time.
More time wastage.

steel truss and wood truss differences
Steel truss

steel truss over wood truss - comparison
wood truss

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