Concrete Curing Methods – Water Curing and Sealed Curing

Concrete curing is the process of keeping concrete under a specific environmental condition for promoting hydration by controlling the temperature and moisture movement from and into the concrete.

2 Concrete Curing Methods Mostly Used

Concrete curing is done to increase concrete strength & stability. Generally two types of concrete curing methods are use. Each are described briefly below.

#1 Water Curing

Water curing technique involves ponding, spraying or sprinkling of water on the concrete surface or to saturate some form of cover of the concrete. The water should be continuously applied so that the concrete does not dry out.

concrete curing process - ways to cure concrete
concrete curing

#2 Sealed Curing

Waterproof paper, plastic sheeting and curing membranes are the most widely used material for sealed curing. Each of these materials simply reduces the amount of water lost to evaporation. The major advantage is the flexibility of application to any number of shapes and sizes of concrete structures.

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