Asphalt Vs Metal Roofs – Difference Between Asphalt and Metal Roofs

Asphalt and Metal Roofs are used frequently in difference types of houses. The roof is the most exposed plane in the entire house. It faces rain, sun and other weather phenomenon. Hence, it is imperative that it should stay in its prime shape for most of its lifespan. The two most common materials used are asphalt and metal. We will discuss about the differences between asphalt and metal roof in this post.

asphalt roof vs steel roof
asphalt roof vs steel roof

The differences between asphalt roofs and metal roofs are shown below as asphalt vs metal roof comparison table.

Asphalt Roofs

Metal Roofs

  • Contrary to general belief, asphalt roofs are heavier (up to 2-5 pounds per sq. foot)
  • Metal roofs are surprisingly lighter (only1.4 pounds per sq. foot)
  • Asphalt roofs are easy to install. In fact, it does not even require any professional assistance.
  • A professional is required in this case.
  • Asphalt roofs are hard to maintain. Due to their prolonged exposure to changing weather, they need to be replaced faster
  • Metal roofs do not need any such maintenance.
  • Though these roofs need to be replaced frequently, they take less time and effort
  • The cost and the difficulty of these roofs prove to be a hurdle for customers.
  • Asphalt roofs have a very limited range of options in terms of style and appearance
  • As the number of people preferring metal roofs has risen, there are now many designs and styles of roofing options.
  • Reliability is unmistakable
  • The reliability of the metal roof depends on the metal used. Hence, choice of material is important
  • No problems with sudden expansion or contraction
  • Metal roofs can expand or contract depending on the weather conditions


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