Global Warming | 9 Advantages of Global Warming

Global warming has gained recognition in the past several years. With all the publicity that it receives, all that is ever heard are the disadvantages of global warming. But what is global warming exactly? It is the gradual warming of the earth’s atmosphere that is attributed to the greenhouse effect being caused by high levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere. Even though there are several well-documented disadvantages, there are several advantages of global warming.


Advantages of Global Warming

We all know about the disadvantages of global warming. But there are many global warming advantages that we aren’t aware of. 9 advantages of global warming are described in short below.

#1 Alternative Energy

With the fear that global warming has fed people began looking for different energy sources that will not further damage the earth. Alternative energy sources have increased in popularity. Solar and wind power are options for making people less dependent on fossil fuels.

#2 Better Climates

People tend to migrate to towards sunny and warm climates. Global warming is slowly warmer the earth and creating climate shifts to where there are more climates with temperate weather conditions.

#3 Safer and Healthier

It has been proven that there are more health problems during cold weather. For example, people shoveling snow, especially middle-aged men, are prone to heart attacks. Fewer car accidents will happen due to snowy or icy roads.

Cold weather illness such as influenza will not be as common. People will be able to get out into the fresh sunshine and germs will be easily staved off. Cold weather is the perfect breeding ground for many air-borne viruses.

global warming benefits

#4 Energy Requirements

The warmer the temperature, the less heat needed to warm your home or other buildings. Less heat will require less fossil fuel and other alternative energy sources. It takes more energy to heat an area than to cool an area.

#5 Access to Arctic Resources

Due to the hazardous weather conditions in the arctic, it is difficult to accurately tell how much oil and other natural resources are available there. With the climate changing and the arctic warming, these resources are becoming more accessible and researchers are already in the process of determining what resources are available and if it would be feasible to excavate them.

#6 Northwest Passage

The Northwest Passage is becoming a more viable option for shipping. This would enable the large oil tankers and ships to pass through rather than having to take the route around the Panama Canal.

#7 Plants Thriving

Plants thrive on carbon dioxide. With larger amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as a result of global warming, plants will grow larger and be healthier. Agriculture could explode with record-breaking plants and crops. Animals that depend solely on plants for their survival will find an endless supply of vibrant, healthy plants to choose from.

#8 Extended Growing Seasons

Global warming is not attributed to just exceptional crops and overly large plants, but also to an extended growing season. This will enable farmers to grow more crops and increase food supplies. There would be multiple harvests within the season.

#9 More Land

Land that was once covered with water or was too cold to inhabit are now able to be inhabited. With the water receding and moving as well as the temperatures shifting, more and more land is being deemed as usable. Land that can be used for agriculture and building is being uncovered.

4 thoughts on “Global Warming | 9 Advantages of Global Warming”

  1. The pessimists have made much of stifling diseases such as malaria spreading as the globe warms, but cold-weather infirmities like the flu kill far more people each year. If warmer winters (when they do finally take hold) mean less time spent indoors in close quarters, where so many contaminations are swelling, maybe someday flu shots will develop into a thing of the times of yore.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful opinion fahad. I agree with some of your point of view. Though the overall increase in temperature of the world has a great negative impact on us we also should be aware of the positive effects.

  2. What exactly are the downsides to global warming. I don’t think it is exactly clear. I know there will be rise in ocean level causing the millionaires on the coast to abandon their homes and move inland which will be a major redistribution of wealth as they buy up land from poorer people. We will also lose deserts as vegetation spreads across them since a warmer earth is a wetter earth. Many desert species will become endangered. What else?


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