How To Become a Project Manager

Project managers are accountable for the success of a project. They will use their knowledge, skills and tools to ensure that the project requirements are met and that the project is meeting the set goals in a timely manner. The project manager is responsible for planning; executing and closing the projects which means they define the project then build a work plan and manage the budget through the end. They will also manage the teams associated with the project. Here are step by step procedures to become a project manager.

College Education: A college education is essential for obtaining a job as a project manager. The higher the education, the more likely the person will be chosen to be a project lead. A minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Project Management is generally required to be considered for a project. Project managers may elect to continue their education and obtain a Master’s of Science degree and even a Doctoral degree in project management. Once the degree is earned, a person can take steps in networking and finding projects that would be a good fit.

Becoming a Project Manager: There are many people who are handed the reins of a project because they have proven themselves to be motivated team members and have excellent communication skills and are accountable for their actions. They also possess great organizational skills and time management skills. Other ways to be chosen as a project manager are as follows:

  1. Do a search for project management and read blogs. This will help you learn more about being a project management and you will learn terminology.
  2. Go to Twitter and search for project management. This helps you to network but also gives you an opportunity to learn directly from the pros.
  3. Find and watch seminars on the internet. These webinars are an excellent way to learn tips and tools associated with project management. Many of these seminars are free. Some areas will have local seminars that can be attended in person to learn more information.
  4. Sign up for LinkedIn and locate groups that are associated with project managers. Communication with project managers will help your network and become closer to professionals in the industry. Most project managers are hired because of recommendations from other professionals.
  5. Join the Project Management Institute. This is the leading not-for-profit association for project managers. This gives you credentials that will show you have a working knowledge of what will be expected of you. Also, get the PMP Certification. The Project Management Professional Certification can be obtained through the Project Management Institute. This shows that the professional has demonstrated a professional level of competency in project management.
  6. Continue your education. Standards are constantly changing and it is best that project managers keep taking classes to stay up-to-date on their skills and knowledge.

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