8 Amazing Basement Renovation Ideas

Basement renovation or remodeling is not a new concept as people always want to use the extra space like basement. But the problem is most people think of basements as being dank and musty, however, basements are undiscovered gems and not used properly. They provide so much extra living space and a wealth of purposes from child’s playroom to man cave. Basements can be revamped into beautiful and functional spaces for any purpose that the homeowner needs. Whatever the purpose for the basement, it can be renovated to its fullest potential with beauty and function in mind.

Basement Renovation: Make Your Basement Beautiful and Useful

Basements can be a great place if it is used properly. Here are 8 amazing basement renovation ideas to make use of your basement.

1. Media Room

Many people will construct a state of the art media center in the basement. It is really the best location in the home because it is naturally darker and the concrete walls act as sound barriers. Big projection screens that suspend from the ceiling and surround sound along with amazingly comfortable theater seating add to the ambiance of a theater room.

basement using as a media room
media room in basement – example 1
media room basement renovation idea
media room in basement – example 2

A snack bar and/or wet bar that includes popcorn machine, boxed candy, sodas and other drinks can be easily installed to give homeowners and their guests the entire theater experience.

2. Income Property

An income property is one of the best ways to bring in extra money without having to go to an actual job. Creating a basement apartment and then renting it out makes sense for a lot of homeowners. Since most basements are the same size as the main floor, the square footage is there to create a high-end apartment that will attract more renters.

a basement can be used as a property
a basement renovated as a Income Property

By dividing the layout and creating separate spaces for the full three piece washroom, bedroom, full kitchen and living space, the renter will have everything that a regular apartment will have. If the square footage is available, a two bedroom apartment will rent for a higher price.

3. Child’s Play Area

Families in today’s society strive for separate spaces for children and adults. Toys that are littering the living spaces are unsightly and difficult to navigate through. By creating children-friendly space in the basement, toys and art projects are kept out of the main living areas and children are able to use their spaces for play time as well as creative time.

child's can play in basement
children can play in the basement
play zone in basement renovation
a basement can be used as play zone for adults also!

As the child grows, if the design of the basement has been done with care, a few simple changes will allow the basement to convert from young child’s play area to teen hangout.

4. Man Cave

The newest craze to become fashionable is the man cave. Essentially this is a media center that is geared toward men only. The décor is strictly manly and can include sports memorabilia and hunting trophies. This is the place for the man of the house to go and unwind. Each man cave will differ depending on the personality of the man that it is being designed. The universal concepts of man caves are big screen televisions, gaming systems and wet bars. They can range from simple rooms to elaborate retreats.

5. Entertainer’s Haven

Wine connoisseurs will use the natural coolness of basements to create ornate wine racks along with stunningly beautiful bars. Add in chunky, comfortable furniture and an entertainment system, you have the makings of the perfect spot for entertaining guests. This also keeps guests from wandering through the host’s personal space and keeps the mess of a party contained to one floor.

6. Office Space

With more and more people working from home, office space is at a premium within homes that are already cramped. The best solution is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere in the basement.

office space in a renovated basement
office space in a remodeled basement

There are innovative storage solutions available to fit any design and people are able to get up and move away from their work instead of having it set up in their personal space.

7. Summer Kitchen

Older homes were not built with the heat of summer in mind. Even with air conditioning blasting through homes, running an oven will raise the heat levels in the home. Create a gourmet kitchen below stairs will enable the homeowners to cook lavish meals as well as bake and do any canning that they may do throughout the summer months.

summer kitchen idea for a basement
summer kitchen in a basement

8. Bedroom Suite

More and more families are opting for every child to have their own bedroom instead of sharing with a sibling.

bedroom suite - use your basement
master bedroom suite in a basement

Therefore, bedrooms are at a premium and many times there are not enough to go around. The basement is the perfect place to create a bedroom retreat. A bedroom, sitting room and washroom makes the perfect area for the master bedroom with space for lavish walk-in closets. Designs are intriguing and show a grandeur that befits a master suite.

Finally, a basement is not a place for storing dusty craps if you want to use it in proper way. Basement renovation can make you money. Remodeling a basement can give you a beautiful place for your office or a big summer kitchen. It can give your children a playing zone to have fun and also you can make it a beautiful master bedroom suite! You also can do lots of things with your basement, just think what you need and how you can use it. Do not waste the extra space while you can use it.

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