13 Major Duties That Civil Engineers Do in Professional Work

When deciding if becoming a civil engineer is the best career path it is best to fully understand what do civil engineers do, exactly. A civil engineer is the person who is a part of the design, implementation and maintenance of public works. In other words, this encompasses structures and facilities such as transportation routes, government buildings, water treatment/sewage and other areas such as arenas and large scale monuments. Civil engineers can work for either the actual city or for a private firm that is hired by the city. As a civil engineer, a person will work closely with architects and construction firms to realize the ideas of government officials, chief executives and other such persons or cities. You might also be interested on how to be a civil engineer.

What does a civil engineer do in professional work
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What Does a Civil Engineer Do – 13 Responsibilities

Duties that civil engineers will tackle in their day to day activities include both consulting services and construction services. It is one of the broadest fields of engineering and civil engineering encompasses several duties. Some of the major work responsibilities that a civil engineer need to do in work is described briefly below.

  1. Consulting engineers are responsible for the design of the project. They are the ones who have the most input prior to the project starting. In the conceptual stages, consulting engineers will determine the feasibility of the project.
  2. Construction engineers are the ones that are responsible for take the conceptual design and seeing it into reality.  They will use the design, or blue prints to ensure that all safety codes are enforced and the structure is designed to the specifications.
  3. A civil engineer will analyze all the factors regarding a project and determine if they are feasible and can be transferred into reality.
  4. They will evaluate the possible construction sites and determine the best possible location.
  5. Modifications to the plans will be made by the engineer if problems arise and need adjusted.
  6. They will review all reports and designs and either approve them or make suggestions to correct problems. This will include the development of the layout designs according to the specifications of the client.
  7. It is the duty of the engineer to review the challenges and risks of the project and to give suggestions to correct them. All risk management assessments are completed by a civil engineer.
  8. Taking the proposals to the proper officials within the municipality is the job of the engineer. This includes ensuring that all codes and regulations are adhered to throughout the planning process of the project.
  9. It is the responsibility of the engineer to ensure that all safety regulations are being met while on site during the construction phase of the project.
  10. Ensuring that the tools, surveying and drafting software are in correct working order is also the job of the engineer.
  11. Civil engineers will monitor all operations and projects being completed on site. They will communicate with subcontractors, consultants and architects throughout the duration of the project.
  12. The civil engineer must stay on their toes and quickly assess and then resolve issues that arise with the development process.
  13. They will set the work schedule and the milestones for the project. It is their responsibility to ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget.

Civil engineers have several duties resting on their shoulders. It is the sole responsibility of the engineer to ensure that the project is completed safely and within code. It is also their responsibility to make sure that the project stays on target both time wise and budget wise.

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