A Guide to White Portland Cement – Obtain Unique and Sophisticated Concrete

Generally, the term ‘cement’ denotes the usual gray color powder that has been extensively used for building constructions throughout the world.  Though gray cement has been found universally, there is another type of cement that can also be found in the marketplace. This type of Cement is known as White Portland Cement or simply white cement. As the name suggests, white Portland cement is not the usual gray powder rather it is white in color. Like gray cement, this type of cement has also been derived from Portland stones. However, the process of producing white cement is a little different, compared to the process of producing gray Portland cement.

Manufacturing Process of White Cement

The difference in the manufacturing process is mainly responsible for the difference in the color of the cement. White Portland cement has been manufactured with different raw materials. Due to the presence of metal oxides, like iron and manganese, the color of this type of cement turns white. As different raw materials are used and different methods for manufacturing has been followed, white Portland cement is considered to be costlier than normal gray cement. Furthermore, gray and white cements have different applications. Gray cement is used extensively for building manufacturing, while white cement is limited used for performing specific constructional jobs.

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Adding Color Pigments to White Cement

White cement has been used for producing white color concrete or pavements or surfaces. In case of white tiles and white marbles, significant use of white cement can be observed. However, white Portland cement can be used by changing its colors through the usages of color pigments. Use of color pigments makes the cements colorful, especially lighter shades of different colors can be achieved quite easily by this method. For enhancing the beauty of the surfaces or to add more sophistication through the uses of different pastel shades of white cement, color pigments are added to white Portland cement.

One of the key advantages of using white Portland cement is that different natural shades of concrete can be achieved or obtained seamlessly. Gray cement concrete looks quite dull and usually colors or shades need to be added over the surfaces. The scope for such hassles is void in case of white Portland cement. Natural concrete look, can be obtained in this case and that too with different color options. The best part is that one can use any color, as he or she wants. White mingles with all other colors and thus, there should not be any problems to attain the desired color on the concrete.

white portland cement
white portland cement

Where to Apply White Cement?

White Portland cement is generally applied for marble furnishing or white tiling. To enhance the architectural beauty, this type of cement has been extensively used. Both for exterior and interior construction or decorations, the use of white Portland cement can be observed. White cement possesses the same property of gray cement. They are safe to be used and they provide durable services to the users. For developing swimming pools or concrete structures or statues, white cement has been used vastly.

Specifications of White Cement

White cement of white Portland cement can be recognized or specified by the following manners:

  1. Fineness

There are two prominent methods for judging the fineness of white cement and they are:

  • Method-I: The cement is passed through IS Test Sieve No.9 (B.S. Sieve No 170). The test result should not exceed 10% in the case of the authentic Portland ordinary white cement.
  • Method-II: Specific surface by Air Permeability Method has to be lesser than 2150 sq. cm/ kg. If such result comes, then it is surely ordinary white Portland cement.
  1. Setting Time

Setting time for white and gray cement is more or less the same. However, it may vary depending upon the weather conditions. In case of dry weather conditions, quicker setting time has been noted. On the other hand, in humid conditions, setting time expands significantly. The initial setting time for white Portland cement should be not less than 30 minutes and the final setting time should be not more than 600 minutes.

Cautions While Storing or Packing White Cement

White Portland cement has to be packed in the industrial sacks carefully. As these are white in color, the sacks should be fresh and dirt free. Moreover, storing has to be done meticulously. The cement must be stored far from color pigments as influence of the color pigments will damage the white color of the cement.

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