Different Standardized Brick Dimensions

Manufacturers produce bricks according to their own specifications and in most of the cases, standard brick dimensions are maintained globally. However, if buyers want, they can order for customized brick sizes. In this article, mainly the standard brick dimensions will be discussed. Generally, most of the bricks are manufactured in nominal size. Nominal size bricks are produced to be fit into a grid of 4 inch. Here in the following section, other standard sizes or dimensions of the bricks will be discussed. It is needless to say that according to the dimensions, price of the bricks varies.

Different Types of Brick Dimensions

Here are some of the popular and standard brick dimensions:

different brick sizes

  1. Endurance: As the nomenclature suggests, this brick dimension has been needed, when load bearing is a priority or the motto of the construction job. With these bricks, very strong walls can be developed. Generally, the pillars are designed, using this kind of bricks.
  2. King: In case a wall has to be built with a very low cost, king size unit bricks are preferred by the developers. The width of this kind of brick ranges around 2 to 3 inches. With sleek brick dimensions, you will be able to construct a thinner wall by using King Brick.
  3. Queen: The queen size is more or less the same with king size. Though there is a small difference. Queen size bricks feature reduced bed depth of 3 inches in brick dimensions.
  4. Modular: This is one of the most common types of brick dimensions. This kind of brick is mostly used for various constructional projects.
  5. Engineer Modular: This is as same as modular brick, though it has an increased face height. Such brick dimensions are often referred as oversized bricks. For constructing firm wall or structures, this kind of brick has been used widely.

brick sizes sizes and shapes

different brick types and their sizes

Apart from these, several other brick dimensions can be found in the marketplace. However, those sizes are not really usual and sometimes, those sizes are customized for serving special purposes.

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