Stamped Concrete Prices – Different Budget Options for Stamped Concrete Furnishing

The cost of installing stamped concrete can vary widely, depending upon different factors. The basic factors that influence the price for stamped concrete installation are the price of the raw materials, labor cost, etc. Stamped concrete price also depends on the surface area as well. For large surface area, the cost will be higher for obvious reasons. In general, for basic stamped concrete flooring or surfacing, the standard cost is around $8 to $12 per square foot. This will be the stamped concrete cost if you choose only one pattern and color. If you want multiple colors and patterns, the cost of stamped concrete may go up to $18 or more per square foot.

Cost of stamped concrete has been considered to be higher in case of plain or asphalt concrete. Based on the price ranges or stamped concrete price, three types of stamped concrete surfacing can be observed or availed. Here is a brief on those three major types of stamped concrete solutions:

  1. Basic Stamped Concrete

For basic stamped concrete installation, with only one color and one pattern, the stamped concrete price varies from a range of $8 per square foot to $12 per square foot. If you have a large area to be paved, then picking a basic design or pattern is always considered to be a cost-effective solution. It will look decent and at the same time, it will be affordable.

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  1. Mid-range Stamped Concrete

Mid-range stamped concrete cost is around $12 to $18 per square foot. In this case, basic stamped concrete surfacing can be observed majorly, with a few interesting upgrades. Due to the upgrades, overall beauty or look has been enhanced and at the same time, affordability can also be enjoyed.

  1. High Range Stamped Concrete

If you want high furnished, sophisticated and elegant high range stamped concrete furnishing, stamped concrete price will be more than $18 per square foot. There is no upscale limit on price. Depending upon your desire, you can opt for various types of stamped concrete furnishing.

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