Stained Concrete Floor Cost: Influencing Factors

Cost of staining the concrete floors varies depending upon several complexities that come with staining applications or processes. If you go for the most basic as well as general type of staining, it may cost you around $2 to $4 per square foot. This type of concrete staining includes basic one coat application of stain, along with sealer. Extensive stain projects include faux finishing, multiple coloring and border designing through sandblasting, saw cutting and stenciling. Extensive stained concrete projects may cost $25 to $30 per square foot.

stained concrete floor

Basic Advantages of Stained Concrete Floors

One of the basic advantages of stained concrete flooring is longevity and cost-effectiveness on the long run. Initially, concrete flooring price may seem to be higher than carpeting, tiling and hardwood flooring. However, in long run, stained concrete floors will serve you for a long time. Stained concrete floors hardly require replacements and such flooring is completely protected from molding, tearing, gouging, water damages, etc. It is undeniable that stained floors also get the marks of wear and tear with the advent of time. However, the beauty of such flooring can be restored with simple touchups and repeated applications of protective coatings.

Stained Concrete Floor pricing

Other Influencing Factors on Cost of Staining

If you have decided to go for stained concrete flooring, you must keep the fact in mind that new floors are considerably easier to be stained than old floors. This is why staining new floors cost a little lower than staining old floors. New floors generally do not require heavy sealing or covering. But, in case of old floors, sealing, washing, retouching, repairing, etc. tasks have to be carried out. Thus, the labor cost gets increased. Another important factor is finding a good contractor, who offers cost-effective yet high quality services. Experienced and veteran contractors care for their reputation and thus, they charge the clients with realistic budgets. Furthermore, they also offer best possible services.

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