Septic Tank Size, Shape and Dimensions With Table

What Should Be The Septic Tank Size and Dimension

I will discuss about septic tank size, shape and dimensions in this article. The shape of the tank influences the velocity of waste water flowing through the tank as well as the depth of sludge accumulation. If the septic tank dimension is too deep then the other tank dimensions will be too small, which might result in short circuiting of the inlet and outlet flow, thereby shortening the detention time. Conversely if the septic tank dimension is too shallow, the clear space depth will be too small for the detention of the settle-able solids. However, tanks with greater surface area and of reasonable depth are preferred, because increased liquid surface area increases surge storage capacity. These surges of flow through the tank diminish as the surface area increases.

Septic Tank Size, Dimenstion
Septic Tank

Septic Tank Shape

A rectangular septic tank has been reported to be better than a square septic tank, while long narrow tanks are more satisfactory. Tanks of cylindrical shape of appropriate septic tank sizes are also reported to be satisfactory in some cases, and are less costly to install. However, a rectangular shape for a single compartment tank is most favored with a length three times its width.

Table of Septic Tank Sizes, Dimensions & Weights

Below is a table provided with columns of septic tank sizes, septic tank dimensions, relative tank weights & covered soil.

Septic Tank Size Dimensions Weight (lbs) Anchor Weight (lbs) Soil Cover (in)
5000 gal 204″L x 96″W x 93″H 41,400 30,850 24
3000 gal 165″L x 92″W x 76″H 20,300 23,320 23
2600 gal 147″L x 90″W x 73″H 18,100 20,625 24
2000 gal 162″L x 78″W x 64″H 16,100 15,675 19
1600 gal 145″L x 78″W x 61″H 14,000 11,270 16
1200 gal 111″L x 78″W x 61″H 11,400 9,532 17
1000 gal Low Profile 120″L x 67″W x 57″H 9,500 8,705 17
1000 gal Heavy Duty 96″L x 78″W x 61″H 9,200 8,945 18
800 gal 96″L x 67″W x 57″H 8,000 6,560 16
600 gal 78″L x 56″W x 60″H 6,600 3,810 14
1600/1400 gal 174″L x 90″W x 73″H 23,000 22,410 22
1250/750 gal 162″L x 78″W x 64″H 16,400 15,725 19
1000/600 gal 145″L x 78″W x 61″H 14,700 12,705 17

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