How to Make Concrete Mold: Step by Step

Making concrete mold depends on a number of factors such as the materials used, your skill set, the shape you desire and the tools you have. In order to have a durable mold, it is important to ensure that it is smooth and waterproof with an ability to hold the concrete until it sets. Molds enable you produce consistent and aesthetic results.

concrete mold
concrete blocks

Materials needed

A look at what you will need to make the concrete molds:

Mold materials

You can opt to utilize available mold material from stores or around your house or you could opt to make your own. The essence is to utilize a container of any shape and size on condition that once the molding is done; you are able to get the finished product from it. You can make use of non-stick spray prior to applying the concrete in case you wish to easily remove the concrete molds after they set.

Release agent

In order to prevent the mold from sticking to the material, you can make use of a release agent or non-stick cooking spray. You can also make use of motor oil to enable the releasing process.


Water is essential for mixing the concrete.

Rubber Gloves

You will need rubber gloves to help protect your hands from concrete poisoning.

Extra Molds

You will need extra molds in the event that the one you are using doesn’t work out the first time around.

Poke with

Air bubbles that form in the process of creating the concrete molds have got to be poked out. You can make use of anything of a small circumference such as a pencil.

Mix the concrete

You will need something to mix the concrete with such as a large spoon or trowel.

Other tools

Other tools that you might need include measuring cups and buckets.


Last but not least, you might need to look into coloring your concrete molds.

Making concrete mold

Once you have all the essential items to make the concrete molds, it is time to begin. Mix the cement or concrete mix to a desired consistence or one that is recommended by the manufacturer. Depending on the item you are going to use for making the concrete molds, you may need to apply the releasing agent so that it makes it easy to release the mold from the item once it sets.

Next, pour the mixture into the molding container in order to make the desired concrete mold size or shape. In addition, you can opt to make a pattern using objects of your desire. This can be done by placing the said items into the bottom of bucket in order to create a pattern that you can utilize as frequently as you wish. Be sure to leave a space of about an inch or so between the objects so that it is easy to remove the concrete molds once they have set. Ensure that the gap is not too small or too big to render the end result useless.

Wait for the mold to set then gently remove it from the molding item. In case the mold is giving you a hard time in sliding out of the container, you may need to utilize a sharp knife or razor blade to cut out the bottom of the mold. Hope you have enjoyed the concrete mold making process.

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