How Much Does Insulated Concrete Forms Cost

Insulated concrete forms or ICFs are a result of cast in place concrete walls that are between two layers of some kind of insulation material. These forms are strong and very energy efficient. They are generally used in low rise buildings in both residential and commercial. The walls look similar to those of traditional buildings, the main difference being that the walls are usually thicker.

Advantages of Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms have several benefits for both contractors and building owners.

  • The walls are extremely strong.
  • They are disaster resistant and very safe.
  • ICFs are mildew, mold and rot resistant as well as insect resistant.
  • They are sound-proof.
  • The walls are energy efficient and therefore save money down the road.
  • Construction is fast and simple.
  • Shipping and building is easier due to their light weight and flexible design.


Insulated Concrete Forms Cost

By using insulated concrete forms for wall construction about three to five percent is added to the total construction costs. The average cost is around $2 to $4 per square foot of floor area of a typical 2,500 square foot, two-story home. That equals out to about $7,000 additional cost. A typical wood frame structure will cost less during the construction phase, but they are higher maintanence and lower efficiencey than insulated concrete form walls. You can also know about concrete slab construction cost here.

Over the life of the structure the insulated concrete forms will save money because they are durable and do not require extensive upkeep or repairs. They are also sturdy when facing the forces of nature including pests such as termites.

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