Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology

Information Technology

Everyone has dealt with some form of information technology and has been pleasantly surprised or completely disgusted. The evolution of information technology has changed the way that humans communicate and even work. By definition, information technology is the use of systems, specifically computers and telecommunications, for storing, retrieving and sending information.

Importance of Information Technology

We are living in the information age and are constantly inundated from every area within our lives with information technology. It is now a part of our everyday lives and has greatly impacted society. We use information technology to do school work, research for work, recreation and almost anything else that can be imagined. Family and friends are able to stay connected through internet applications and smart devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology

As with any invention, there are advantages and disadvantages to information technology. The advantages and disadvantages of information technology are listed here.

Advantages of Information Technology

Information technology is a huge advantage to businesses by allowing organizations to be more efficient and to maximize productivity. It allows for faster communication, protection of company records and electronic storage. Every work environment is now dependent on computers and information technology. Other advantages of information technology include:

1. Protecting and Storing Information

Electronic storage systems are being created to hold the information that is being shared over the internet and internal intranets. Secure maintenance of customer and company files is vital to the integrity of the company. Virtual vaults keep information safe by limiting access to a select few. Security systems are put in place to protect your electronic information and keep it from being wiped out or damaged during a system breakdown. Hackers are also kept at bay with intense securities.

2. Automated Processes

The ability to find ways to complete more work in a shorter amount of time is essential to the success of a company. Information technology improves a company’s efficiency by implementing automated processes to make employees more capable of handling a larger work load. Reports, queries and monitoring financials can be completed by the computer programs, leaving employees free to complete other tasks.

3. Communication

Communication in every aspect of human interaction is essential. In the business world, communication is imperative to the success of the company. Emailing, video conferencing and chat rooms allow for easier communicating between employees and supervisors as well as employees and clients.

4. Remote Access or Telecommuting

When a company has implemented an information technology system, many times employees can then access the company’s network electronically. This enables employees to work from home or while on the road. This gives the employees more flexibility and they are more productive because they can still work when not in the office.

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Disadvantages of Information Technology

Information technology has changed the world around us. Communication is done much faster and global trade is becoming a simplified process. Although the benefits of information technology make it seem ideal, there are also some disadvantages of information tech that are listed below.

1. Expense of Implementation and Maintenance

Setup costs for implementing an information technology system within a home or business can be very costly. Software can training can also take another big bite out of the budget. Information technology systems, just like any other equipment, need to be maintained and repaired from time to time. But there are also updating and upgrading costs associated with IT systems.

2. Elimination of Jobs

By implementing IT systems into a company, tasks take less time and therefore, employees have more time throughout the day. Paperwork is processed and filed immediately, reports are generated with the touch of a button and financial statements are generated automatically. Companies are finding that they can combine jobs and need a smaller staff to operate fully.

3. Breaches in Security

When information is stored electronically, there are more chances of having security breaches. Hackers are evolving along with technology and they are never up to any good. Security systems that were state-of-the-art last year are now out-of-date and in desperate need of upgrading. To protect company data, a security specialist should be kept on staff.

While information technology is quickly becoming something that we cannot live without, there are many aspects that keep us on our toes. Trying to stay current on the changes and be able to afford the upgrades can make a person feel helpless and confused. But when we understand the different aspects of information technology, then we can accomplish so much more than without it.

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