Dam vs Embankment | Difference Between Dam and Embankment

Well there are many differences between dam and embankment. To make it clear, let’s analyze the differences in a dam vs embankment table as below.





Location Vertical to river direction Parallel to river at safe distance
Main function Creating reservoir during upstream Force a river to flow in its own direction
Best place for construction Along with the narrow width of a river Downstream of a river or river bank near a city.
Construction materials Soil, masonry, concrete etc Generally: sand
Service time Lifetime Only during flood
Effect on river bed Sediment occurs, river bed gets filled River bed erosion occurs due to increase of water current.
Effect on flood Can cause flood during upstream Reduce flood affect
Effect on water flow in river Decrease river flow velocity Increase river flow velocity (also during flood)
Maintenance Always Maintenance is required especially before and after flood
Length Equal to river width Couple of kilometers to hundreds of kilometers depending on necessity.


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